Safe Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical Waste and Used Sharps Disposal Guide

The safety team at AdvoWaste Medical have been closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and the proper procedures made in infection control of this unprecedented virus. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has determined that medical waste which is generated in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and PUIs are required to be managed in accordance with proper procedures. At this time there are no additional transportation requirements reported from the DOT (Department of Transportation) (DOT) regarding to management of sharps and other types of regulated medical waste.

Covid Medical Waste Regulations

Medical Waste Packaging Guidelines

AdvoWaste Medical reminds our customers that adhering to current regulations, as well as those from DOT regarding the proper disposal of RMW (regulated medical waste) as well as used needle sharps remains a priority.

  • Employees are responsible proper packaging of all medical waste items for transport to treatment facilities, prior to our employees arriving please.
  • Medical Waste bags must be securely tied by using a proper tie and/or hand knot to completely secure the bag without risk of any contents falling out of the bag.
  • The CDC provides a resource page, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) (OSHA) also provides safety guidance for all employers and workers with an overview of proper OSHA Standards in reference to preventing occupational exposure to the COVID-19 virus. AdvoWaste Medical keeps it’s team members informed of significant regulatory developments which we will instantly communicate to your organization once available.
  • Improperly packaged containers or damaged containers may to denied pickup, or they may be returned to the generator for proper repackaging before we can accept them for disposal.

If your location treats patients who may be infected with COVID-19, please adhere to all of the latest RMW Packaging Guidelines. You may reach out to us any time with any questions or to receive additional information and documentation. Listed below are additional government resources.

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